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When A Famous Person Picks A Fight With You...

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Hi there Reader,

I hope you're having a great week...

Taylin's Big Idea

The story behind how Taylin Simmonds positioned Digital Identity - earning 138k in 4 days.

(Full episode here)

Brushes with Fame

The other day, I found myself working out next to Pauly Shore.

For the youngsters among us, give him a quick “Goog.”

He seemed so…


I asked him about his stand-up...

We ended up talking Football.

It felt like he wanted to be just another guy in the gym, rather than a celebrity.

But today's story isn't about Pauly, or the amazing Taylin Simmonds -

A creator boasting over 75K Twitter Follower - who I met, too.

(Side note: I was easy 4x more nervous speaking to Taylin than Pauly)

Instead, it's about a minor skirmish I found myself in, with a big name in the College world.

This digital dust-up was fascinating.

This guy works for a big brand...

And has a big name.

And more to lose in these kinds of encounters than me.

But something I mentioned seemed to push his buttons.

I struck a chord, triggered something deep within him...

And that's where the art of writing becomes incredibly intriguing.

Every time we put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, we have an opportunity...

An opportunity to resonate, to evoke emotions, to connect.

Sometimes, without even intending to, we stumble upon these emotional hotspots that make our readers feel:

  • seen
  • understood
  • even defensive

Emotional triggers drive human behaviors.

And if you want to sell anything digitally - you need to evoke emotion.

Then logic.

(not the other way around).

It’s akin to a danc...

It's delicate balance of knowing when to lead and when to follow, when to push and when to pull.

And the reactions we get?

They are our compass, indicating that our words have hit their mark.

Now, reflect on this: our daily encounters, whether in person or online, are littered with emotional triggers.

But as writers, these triggers are tools.

We can employ them to build authentic narratives that deeply resonate.

We can weave stories that not just narrate events, but encapsulate feelings.

This approach is not about manipulation.

It's about understanding.

it's about genuine connection, painting a picture with our words that transcends the superficial.

Stay curious and keep writing.

Talk soon, my friend!

-Mike O’Connor

P.S. Our words have power. If I can help you step into yours to drive sales via a Sales page or cold email, holler.

Hi, I'm Mike!

I've helped thousands of people connect with meaningful Career opportunities and build lives of purpose as a Higher Ed Exec, while side-hustling as a consultant and creator. Since leaving Higher Education, I've learn way more about the Creator economy and started doing Twitter/Solopreneur coaching (which I never expected) and a Podcast - The Actualized Self. As a Coach, my strengths lie in helping clients uncover their unique strengths, overcome their own mental hurdles/blocks, and systematize practices. I love helping clients transition from 9-5 to the Creator Economy; and have been doing more work in that space.

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