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The mistake that led to 208,600% YouTube Growth (This is not a Typo!)

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Have you heard of the "Paradox of Choice"?

It’s the notion that while a few options are good, too many leads too:

  • Anxiety
  • Decision paralysis
  • Dissatisfaction with choices

A grocery store study showed that customers bought more jam when offered 6 varieties rather than 24.

An abundance of choices doesn't just make us indecisive - but unhappy.

This paradox extends to careers too....

Excessive optionality doesn't just overwhelm us; it obscures our path forward.

This applies to Careers, too...

I wanted to build an audience as a Creator.

After all, audiences are leverage, and leverage amplifies output.

My initial "plan" was to scale a following on Twitter/X...

But 10-11 months in, I found myself with a small library of podcast clips and diminishing returns on X.

When it came to choosing a "niche" - I had TOO many options...

And the path forward got hazy...

I stepped back, assessed my options, and decided to give YouTube a try...

I found someone on Upwork to optimize my channel, and it skyrocketed from ~30 to over 2,200 subscribers in ~10 days.

(That’s 208,600% growth)

Eisenhower nailed it: “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

I didn’t plan to focus on YouTube, but PLANNING/executing on my original Twitter/Podcast vision made it possible.

(Sidebar: Some related advice from my friend, Emelie)

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Now, over to you:

What steps are you taking to build your career leverage?

How are you setting yourself up for success today, tomorrow, next year, and even the next decade?

Your journey is unique, and I'm here to support it.

If you're looking for strategies to navigate the complex world of career growth or Entrepreneurship - let's chat.

Together, we can plan your next big move.

Here’s to turning plans into action,


P.S. Curious about how I achieved such exponential growth?

Let’s discuss this and more during our session. Your next big breakthrough is just a conversation away.

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Hi, I'm Mike!

I've helped thousands of people connect with meaningful Career opportunities and build lives of purpose as a Higher Ed Exec, while side-hustling as a consultant and creator. Since leaving Higher Education, I've learn way more about the Creator economy and started doing Twitter/Solopreneur coaching (which I never expected) and a Podcast - The Actualized Self. As a Coach, my strengths lie in helping clients uncover their unique strengths, overcome their own mental hurdles/blocks, and systematize practices. I love helping clients transition from 9-5 to the Creator Economy; and have been doing more work in that space.

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