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Higher Ed Innovations: From Data Visualizations to Boundaryless HR to Free Speech Advocacy

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

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In the spirit of curiosity and forging ahead, I've stumbled upon a few gems at the fridges of the Higher Ed Landscape.

Here's the lowdown:

  • HR Without Borders: The evolution of work nudges HR from its traditional silos into the realm of boundaryless collaboration. This transformation isn't just about talent attraction but about weaving people expertise into the very fabric of our institutions, fostering a culture that’s ready to embrace tomorrow’s challenges head-on. Dive into the full scoop with this Deloitte piece. Full Deloitte Article here.
  • A Stand for Free Speech (and yes, I can't believe I'm citing the New York Post either): Over at Yale, 100+ professors are drawing a line in the sand for free speech, challenging the campus culture and advocating for a return to academia’s core mission. Full article here. The author, Rikki Schlott - a former NYU student who dropped out because she felt persecuted for her traditional views - is an interesting twitter follow.
  • The Unspoken Demographic Shift: Amid the uproar over climate change, a silent narrative unfolds – the global population collapse. Places like Korea are on the brink of a demographic cliff. Stephen Shaw unravels this less-told story, compelling us to look beyond the environmental crises to the societal shifts knocking at our doors. Stephen Shaw - Modern Wisdom.
  • Bridging Degrees and Careers: Hats off to my friend Andrew Morse for spotlighting the CIP SOC Crosswalk. It’s not just a tool but a compass for navigating the journey from education to employment, ensuring students and employers find their perfect match. Link to Tool here.
  • A Deep Dive into Data: I've crafted a series of data visualizations for over 200 Midwest colleges and universities, each with a student body of under 5k. Drawing from over 50 IPEDS data points, these visualizations peel back the layers on admissions, financial vitality, and the effectiveness of outcomes. It's a panoramic view of the Great Lakes and Great Plains institutions, categorized by their admit rates. In total, there are four subgroups: Great Lakes Institutions with over 75% Admit Rate, Great Lakes Institutions with under 75% Admit Rate, Great Plains Institutions with over 75% Admit Rate, Great Plains Institutions with under 75% Admit Rate.

What hurdles are you navigating in your role? Let's swap stories and solutions.


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Hi, I'm Mike!

I've helped thousands of people connect with meaningful Career opportunities and build lives of purpose as a Higher Ed Exec, while side-hustling as a consultant and creator. Since leaving Higher Education, I've learn way more about the Creator economy and started doing Twitter/Solopreneur coaching (which I never expected) and a Podcast - The Actualized Self. As a Coach, my strengths lie in helping clients uncover their unique strengths, overcome their own mental hurdles/blocks, and systematize practices. I love helping clients transition from 9-5 to the Creator Economy; and have been doing more work in that space.

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